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Artist Submission & Promotion
Artist Airplay & Worldwide Radio Promotion Includes:
1. Processing and uploading your tracks into our master music servers. Your tracks are automatically uploaded onto radio stations local music servers around the world, Indie Artists Radio Network sets the rotation for your tracks via Private IP & satellite Tracks are made acceptable to radio station standards, very few tracks we receive are ready for broadcast airplay.

Artist artwork & BIO information, is placed on all radio station websites; as well as pages used by Indie radio stations by their DJ's; who manually download artists interviews and show prep material. Artwork, is linked to your Artist BIO page, website, or your social media pages. Linked image placement on radio station websites, is very important for artist promotion and greatly improves listener interaction; such as downloads.


Title tracks correctly. VERY IMPORTANT! Example: Artist - Song.mp3 or Artist-Song.mp3
Most artists fail to follow this standard and simple request, often we get: track 1 or 003 etc.
You may also send CD's to the radio network, our music director will provide the address on request.

Artist posters & CD's are always welcome for contest and display in our radio studios .
Listeners like to win prizes, like: CD's & posters!

Our rates are very fair, for what we offer:

1. Airplay on all radio networks where your music fits (We have 17 feeds for radio stations to use).
Most streaming only stations, only have a HTML5 player or APP, radio stations can't use these players;
they need an IP address or satellite transponder for their music playout system or automation to use.
IP addresses for all of our stations, is HERE

2. Your tracks are placed in a high rotation folder, for more daily airplay.
(If you have multiple tracks, then you will receive your own Artist Folder for all your tracks)

3. Unlike Jango/Radio Airplay, we don't use BOTS to act like you have a growing fan base;
or bury your tracks between 5,000 other tracks. Your fans are human and you can track airplay
with all of our networks reporting to DRT
Once payment is successfully made to our Pay Pal account:
Submit radio clean MP3 Tracks 192K or better, Bio and Artwork to:
musicdirector [at] radiooutlaw [dot] com

For rates and more information, contact us via email or phone
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Tracks are automatically posted to Twitter!
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3, 6 & 12 Month Packages
High Rotation Airplay
6-8 Spins Per Radio Network Daily
Unlimited Tracks

Artwork on Radio Station Websites
Linked to Your Media Site

Promotion at Live Events & Remotes

Digital Radio Tracking on All 17 Radio Networks

Airplay starts within 24 hours!

Call or E-mail for current rates!

musicdirector at radiooutlaw dot com
661-745-4127 10AM to 6PM PDT

Stacks of CDs
and music files
come into the
radio studios daily

You are listening to the unannounced Indie Artists Radio Network feed 17 used by 1790 radio stations worldwide with live & local DJs
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