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For the past 13 years, CUTTING EDGE has had great success in producing great songs for their fans. The band has produced four albums and three EPs while having numerous songs chart in the United States; including such great singles as "EVERY TIME I TRY" (#6), "WITHOUT YOU (#16)", "LOVE POLICE" (#20), "JUDAS OF D.C. (30) AND IT'S TIME" (.39). Several other songs have charted internationally, including "F - - - THE IRS", "BODY TALK", "LAWMAKERS, LAWBREAKERS", and of course "EVERY TIME I TRY" and "LOVE POLICE". (Not only did the original version of "LOVE POLICE" chart, but so did two of the dance remixes.

At college radio, the band's first album "HUMONGOUSLY YOURS" received airplay at over 280 college radio stations in the U.S.with "IT'S TIME" and the fun classic "D.C. Shuffle" leading the way. (The two remixes of "D.C. SHUFFLE" hit number 1 at numerous dance charts in the U.S.) "CENSORED BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT" also received heavy radio play at college with the singles "SHE WORE RED" AND "F - - -THE IRS" leading the way. CUTTING EDGE is getting ready to release "WITHOUT YOU" to international radio this summer and releasing "CUTTING EDGE "LIVE" to college radio stations this fall.

In the 13 years that CUTTING EDGE has been in existence, the band has only toured once as the three members are usually involved with other recording projects, but there are in plans in place to tour next year in support of their new releases.

About Cutting Edge

It all started at Lonzoland Recording Studio in Compton, California with the band's first single, "D.C. Shuffle". This is the studio that brought you such acts as Dr. Dre, Ice T., and of course, World Class Wreck'n Crue. I know.... I know.... strange place to begin a rock band, but what the hell.

"D.C. Shuffle", written by Leli, William Zimmerman and David Pesnell shot up to number one on dance charts in the U.S. The original single was a rock song, but thanks to Guisseppe D and Ricky Ric doing remixes of the song, the song hit hard and charted for three months. Again....what a strange beginning for a rock band. Originally, "D.C. Shuffle" was recorded as a 'lark' and was intended only for friends and was never even promoted to radio, but strange things happen.

After the success of "D.C. Shuffle", the band recorded their first album and released it over their own label, Thunder Quest Records. The album hit college radio with a BANG!...and stayed at college radio for over a year. At the same time, "Without You" hit 20 and "Love Police" hit 21 on the Pop charts, while the singles "It's Time", "Abuse of Power" and "Judas of D.C" charted on the Rock charts. In fact, "Love Police" stayed on the charts the whole year, which is remarkable for any artist...but remember, Cutting Edge is an indie recording act.

The next album released is the Big 14' N More which is a unique album. The first disc is a mixture of 14 rock and ballad recording by Cutting Edge and the second disc is various dance remixes of some of the songs by some of the best remixers in the world, including Chris the Greek, Guisseppee D and Ricky Ric. The first two singles from the album moved up the charts; "Venomous Love Affair" did well at commercial alternative and rock radio while the single "Every Time I Try" hit 3 in the U.S. and 1 on international charts. At the same time that Thunder Quest Records released The Big 14' N More, the band also released another album of protest songs to college radio stations. The songs "F - - - the IRS" and "She Wore Red" are beginning to rip it up at international radio stations....not bad for a rock band based in Arizona and recording in a rap/hip hop studio in Compton.

2011 was a HUGE year for Cutting Edge. The band exploded at radio and the Billboard music charts with the songs "Without You" and "Every Time I Try". This was the third time "Without You" charted for Cutting Edge and it peaked at #7 and at the same time "If The Walls Could Talk" peaked at #11. The band also released a college album called, "Cutting Edge Goes Back to College. In total, five songs charted for Cutting Edge in 2011; "Without You", "If The Walls Could Talk", "Your Love Is My Oxygen", "She Wore Red" and "Let Your Body Rock".
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