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Born Daniel Charles Mart on the 29th May 1984, in the city of Nottingham, United Kingdom. Born 9 weeks premature weighing in at less than a bag of sugar. On life support for 5 weeks with Doctors having very little hope for survival.. Well here I am...
Through school I gained an average education, nothing worth shouting about. I danced ballroom, Latin, jazz and disco competitively from the age of 7 and won numerous awards, medals, trophies placing 1st in many competitions. That died out when I hit secondary school, it would have been unpopular with other kids. I remember being asked a question by a friend of the family who used to babysit us as kids, the question was "what sort of music do you like?" my reply was "I'm not really into music..." Funny eh? It wasn't until my final years of school when I discovered my love for music and the admiration of Michael Jackson.

I had a few musical idols, but Michael was in many eyes 'The Greatest'. We all want to be, or should want to be, the best we can be. I personally wanted and still want to be the best in anything I do, and by the best, I don't just mean the best I can be. I mean better than anyone else in the same field! That may be wrong to many people, call me competitive. My mother had been a singer from the age of 10 and my father from the age of 16. I left school at 15 years old and followed in my parents, their parents and their parent's footsteps and toured the club circuit in the UK as a duo with an old school friend, we went by the name of 'Next'.

We worked up and down the country, 3,4,5,6 nights a week and earned a good living doing something that we both loved. We became a household name on the club scene. Although doing what I was doing was a dream come true, I sometimes felt as though I was missing out on something. Other friends and kids my age would be out partying and having holidays away, you know doing things that teenagers do. We couldn't join in. We had to rehearse for our next performance.I worked a little and played hard at the weekend. I was offered a job in a nightclub working the doors, I liked to work out, thought I could handle myself so I took it. I put on a hard face, suited up every weekend and took care of any trouble. This isn't me, this isn't my path...

Everything I'd done since ending my music career, doors, gym and more... my heart just wasn't in it. There was always something missing. I lay in bed one night, the TV on in the background, my head in a mess and everything a blur but I recall hearing the faint words "Michael Jackson is dead"  It wasn't until the next day when my head was a little clearer that I realized yes, Michael Jackson had really died. The man who had inspired me so much musically, I had tickets for his first O2 concert in London, which would have been a privilege to watch the greatest entertainer perform in the flesh.

Michael's death triggered something inside me I knew I had to pull myself out this dangerous pit......

Danny's Profile
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