New comer Pop/Disco/Euro artist Solomon A, born Solomon A. Harrison brings an electrifying performance wherever he goes as he infuses music with Comedy. Although not a traditional singer, Solomon A. was born with the gift of entertainment! His over the top personality will surely draw you in if you aren't first attracted to his colorful costumes that he wears to bring his songs to life. Everyone who sees Solomon A. perform enjoys his energy, which was first favored by his big family that is consisted of five brothers and two sisters. Growing up in such a large family, they spent a lot of time singing and dancing together and that helped mold his interest in songwriting at the tender age of five. However it wasn't until much later while working with co-workers he began to enjoy performing because often his peers would beg him to perform for them while in the work place. Intrigued by the thought that so many people enjoyed his fun nature, good spirits he knew that he now too saw himself as a performing artist! Loving to sing and dance isn't the extent his plans to hit the big stage.. all his experiences have brought forth other passions which Solomon A is perusing in the areas of TV hosting, acting as well as to continue his singing and songwriting career in the new era of music. Solomon's greatest musical influences have been Weird Al, Madonna, Prince, Lady Gaga and Rick James. If you could imagine them all rolled into one grand performer they still couldn't hold a flame to the talent that oozes from this young man hailed from Atlanta Georgia. Solomon A has been seen on very popular television shows such as "American Idol," "America's Got talent," where they commended him on his song selection and costume. He also has been featured on the hosted by the A&R of No Limit Forever Mr. Terry Miles, in addition Solomon A. has appeared on "Hip Hop Pop" hosted by Big Sam who loved Solomon's song and his energy as well. 
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